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Let Me Just Say This Out Loud...

Let me just say this out loud: "I want to be your Technology Coach". Here is why: You say you are not "Tech Savvy"? Well I say, "Nothing beats a failure but a try." For those of you ready to try, I will coach you all the way.

The mission of EdTech Coaching (ETC) is to coach life skills through Technology. ETC offers youth coaching in computer science, after-school programs, and summer camps in STEAM through Coding, MakerSpaces, and Robotic Engineering. ETC also coaches more mature learners in one-to-one meetings or small groups to help develop technology skills that can benefit them with personal and job-related growth.

What is technology coaching? Coaching is encouragement. Coaching is preparing someone to be their best self in a given task. Coaching is providing resources necessary to take someone to the ‘next level’ of accomplishment. As with any coach, sports or otherwise, ETC meets with individuals in consultation to listen, to assess the challenge(s), and to recommend solution(s). The solution(s) may be instruction, and/or finding resources that resolve the issue, and/or simply providing guidance.

The greatest success in learning [to be "tech savvy"] is to try. Do not fear failure. ETC will show you how to not fear the tech in your journey. To be brutally honest: failure is a good thing--not a bad thing. The traditional use of the term "failure" can be a deterrent to those intimidated by technology and who do not want to appear inadequate [fail] when it comes to using tech. Not knowing how to use tech tools is how we ALL start out; none of us are born with it, but we learn.

I assure you of this one thing: there are wonderful lessons to be learned from failing. Remember the adage, "If at first you don't succeed..."? During the computer science design process one learns to create, plan, build, and test ideas. If the idea has faults, one then revisits the plan, rebuilds, and tests again.

In life, there are many occasions when opportunities are missed because of a fear of not knowing everything or all the details before acting on an opportunity. This lack of trust in one's ability can be overcome when one is encouraged to just "try". This is when one needs to be coached or encouraged to trust in themselves and their ability to succeed. It feels amazing overcoming personal doubt!

Take this lesson: if doubt and fear keeps you from acting, then you will never know just how capable you are! I know this from personal experience. I learn something new E.V.E.R.Y. day and I am willing to share what I have learned! Begin your journey today. Book a free coaching consultation with me to discuss coaching you to success at "tech savvy-ness!"

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